This episode features Adam Kobel. Adam is best known as the co-creator of the Dungeon World RPG and as the host of various showss including being Roll20’s GM in residence. During this interview we talk about his love of black metal, the inception of Dungeon World, how the gaming industry is evolving, and the future of RPG entertainment.

About the Author
Jim McClure is a business consultant by day and honorable samurai of Rokugan by night. A total obsession with the ideas and execution of storytelling drives his passion in the RPG world. Jim believes that tabletop RPGs are the highest from of art known to mankind and he desires to spread this message to the world. When not at a game table he is often found reading, writing stories, designing games, or practicing martial arts.

2 comments on 39. Adam Kobel

  1. mrm1138 says:

    Adam is objectively wrong about music, and I can only think of comparing Iron Maiden to Journey as a conscious act of trolling.

    And nothing against black metal, but I prefer to have some actual melody in my music. One of the reasons I’m so grateful that Ghost exists is because they combine the awesome horror aesthetics of death metal and black metal with honest-to-goodness melodic compositions!

  2. James says:

    ….I like bulbasaur….
    Good interview!

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