The Session Zero duo explore the rules and expectations that are often placed upon the person who sits at the head of the gaming table: the gamemaster. 

You can go to the following URLs or research articles to learn about some of the topics discussed in this episode:
Implicit Person Theory:
Implicit Person Theory: Chiu, C., Hong, Y., & Dweck, C. S. (1997). Lay dispositionism and implicit theories of personality. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 73(1), 19-30.

About the Author
James D’Amato, the world’s foremost Kobold advocate, moved to Chicago in 2010 to train at Second City and iO in the art of improvisational comedy. He now uses that education to introduce new people to role-playing, and teach die-hard Grognards new tricks.

2 comments on Episode 2: Implicit Theories of GMing

  1. Bugpunk says:

    I’m definitely interested in hearing more like this, but it’s really jarring and uncomfortable every time the one host starts talking like a clinical psychiatrist. I’m talking about the bits where he says “I’m so sorry you had to have that experience” and “I’m glad he was understanding,” in that exact talk-therapy tone of voice that makes me feel like I’m suddenly in a doctor’s office.

  2. Jahns says:

    I had to compose a similar (or it seems comparable, depending on the
    information given) study newspaper back in 2015 if I was
    a student. Gathering the needed information was rather
    hard and challenging. However, you managed to show the topic very accessible and understandable.
    Anyways, it was intriguing to refresh some things and find something new out.

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