Iron Edda Reforged: Season One

A New Edda, Reforged The gods have built their corporations on the backs and bones of humans and giants alike. Across the City, each of the realms groans under the weight of their rule. They keep most people placated with trinkets, ads, and a steady diet of games and other consumable media. You are not … Read more

Anyone Can Wear the Mask

Anyone Can Wear The Mask is a tabletop RPG about a superhero, a supervillain, and the city they share. Throughout play, you’ll record the adventures of a great hero as they defend their city, stand up to those in power, and eventually confront a terrible nemesis. You’ll draw maps, roll dice, pull cards from a … Read more

Mission: Accomplished!

Mission: Accomplished! is an RPG of Super-spies and office meetings inspired by shows like Archer, The Venture Brothers, and Better Off Ted. You are a team of highly trained super-spies. You just saved the world and killed the bad guys. And now… it’s time to sit down with your friendly HR manager and hash things … Read more