Show Notes

We got together with four other all-women and non-binary podcasts to create four family friendly holiday themed crossover episodes! Thank you to Venture Maidens, d20 Dames, Roll Like a Girl and Fate and the Fablemaidens for participating in this event with us!

Three adventurers wake up to find themselves in a dwarven child’s room. What should be a happy occasion in the rest of Faerun, seems to bring terror into this dwarven town’s residents. Can these three strangers band together and save the Feast of the Moon?

DM: Bianca Zelda

Editor: Tracy Gibbons

Players: Laura Hutton, Becca Eckert, Livi Turnbull

Theme Music: Victoria Rogers

Other Music: “Arcadia” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License