Arms of the Tide

Blackout Episode Five

The Arms of the Tide consider what comes next.

Blackout Episode Four

The fight to free the Crags reaches its climax.

Blackout Episode Three

Plans advance toward the liberation of the Crag’s District.

Blackout Episode Two

Local, Lions, and Vanui plan to break Kaa’s grip on the Crags.

Blackout Episode One

The Arms begin to address the threat posed by the Unit Unnamed.

A repository of resources for those looking to help the cause for Black lives and ending police brutality

Jailbreak Episode Five

The confrontation with Gita reaches its zenith and things begin to change in the Crags District.

Jailbreak Episode Four

The charge through Pyrite Detention Facility continues as Local, Lions, and Wari look for a level 3 keycard.

Jailbreak Episode Three

Content warning for brutal conditions of detainment. Lions, Local, and Wari charge into the Pyrite Detention Facility after a chance meeting with Barthelomeo.

Arms of the Tide After Hours Special

A nonsequitur and something a little different this week as the crew debriefs about quarantine and answers some listener questions

Jailbreak Episode Two

Lions meets with Giants as the Arms of the Tide prepare an assault on the Pyrite Detention Facility