Ep 43: New Year, New Mexico

Dak cashes in on a decades-old offer and leads the crew to a place unlike anything they’ve seen. It’s a new year for us and a new day for the NeoScum.

NeoScum is Blair Britt, Mike Migdall, Gannon Reedy, Eleni Sauvageau, and Casey Toney. Yeah, daddy. You can find Neoscum on Twitter, on Reddit, and at

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This episode of NeoScum features the following music from HoZac Records:

  • Malamore – The Limiñanas (starts 1:20)
  • Lolita – The Terminals (starts 7:27)
  • Gemini – Schonwald (starts 27:20)
  • Without You – Bare Mutants (starts 33:04)
  • Little Elise – Games (starts 36:18)
  • The Train Creep A-Loopin – The Limiñanas (starts 59:00)
  • Say Hello To the Sun (For Me) – The Cowboys (starts 1:12:16)
  • Stranglin’ You Too – Slug Guts (starts 1:18:47)
  • I’m Dead (Instrumental) – The Limiñanas (1:29:14 & ending plug)

Music may have been edited or modified for use. Learn more about HoZac and the artists they support at

38. Flight of the Robins Part 2

After finding the Flamingo and Black Mask dead at the hands of Deathstroke our heroes still have no idea what happened to Batman. Meanwhile the Joker and Mad Hatter are missing from Arkham, and army of hypnotized teens in red hoods is doing dirty work all over the city, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, someone has actually broken IN to Black Gate. When it rains it pours, and in Gotham it is monsoon season.