ReCast – Series 19.3 – InSpectres with Chris Foster

For this special Character Creation ReCast episode, we’re highlighting the third part of our small games series, where Amelia and Ryan were joined by Chris Foster of the Play/Test podcast to talk about InSpectres, a game about a ghost hunting start up. This episode stands well on its own, too, with creation and discussion fit into a single episode!

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Play/Test Podcast @playtestpod


00:00:00 – Announcements

00:03:07 – Introductions

00:06:20 – What’s in a game?

00:09:48 – Let’s make some people!

00:11:46 – Naming the characters

00:13:31 – John Longfellow 

00:14:12 – Ainsley Wright

00:14:54 – Jackie Smith

00:15:23 – Assigning skill dice 

00:18:20 – Picking a talent 

00:21:52 – Let’s make a franchise!

00:22:23 – How big is the franchise?

00:24:23 – Main office or start-up?

00:25:03 – Where are you located?

00:26:39 – Who runs the show?

00:25:55 – Who funds this?

00:27:03 – Amenities 

00:29:43 – Gear

00:36:49 – Transportation

00:39:29 – Specialty

00:46:00 – Franchise dice 

00:48:41 – D20 for your thoughts

00:52:44 – Are characters fleshed out?

00:56:21 – Flaws?

00:57:45 – What does character creation tell us about the game? 

00:58:30 – Fan Fic Time!

01:02:31 – Plugs

01:03:28 – Episode Closer

01:04:54 – Show Blurbs

01:05:43 – Outtakes



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Clip 2: “Epic Unease” by Kevin MacLeod ( from License: CC BY (

Main Theme: Hero (Remix) ( by Steve Combs (

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Series 19.3 – InSpectres with Chris Foster [Play/Test]

In the third part of our small games series, Amelia and Ryan are again joined by Chris Foster of the Play/Test podcast to talk about InSpectres, a game about a ghost hunting start up.

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