forged in the dark

83. Sig: City of Blades

Jason Pitre is back with more Sig, this time a Forged in the Dark reimagining titled Sig: City of Blades. Here us chat about this new take on Sig, life in the Hellyear 2020, and the online incarnation of Metatopia!

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82. Brinkwood (It’s a Metaphor)

Brinkwood: The Blood of Tyrants is a Forged in the Dark game about Robin Hood vs Vampires, created by Erik Bernhardt. Come join us as we talk about eating money, making deals with the fae, and fighting for justice.

76. Quietus with Oli Jeffery

Quietus is a melancholy horror RPG that uses the Blades in the Dark system to tell heart-wrenching narratives in a one-shot. Game designer Oli Jeffery shares how he utilized the system to take full advantage of the genre.

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Quietus played on Party of One

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