12. Kira Magrann

Podcast Episode


Can games unite the mystical and the digital? Writer, game designer, and cyberwitch Kira Magrann is here to talk magic, technology, and her new digital zine, RESISTOR.

Kira on Twitter
Kira on Tumblr
A Cyborg Manifesto
Eliza Gauger’s Problem Glyphs
The Witch (2016)
Aleister Crowley
Meg Baker on Rituals in Play
Mad About the Boy
Origins Game Fair
Vampire: The Masquerade
White Wolf
Strict Machine, in the Indie Mixtape Megamix
Mistress Matissse
Blue Rose
Just a Little Lovin’
I Say a Little Prayer
Night Witches
Coming Out Under Fire
Daughters of Bilitis
The War Birds Anthology

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