95. Legend of Five Rings part 4

Podcast Episode

Though it seems our brave samurai may never hve the information they need to find the truth about the damming of the river tensions rage on. The Spiders refuse to bend and are intent on keeping their new land. The Crabs have kidnapped and beaten two spiders within an inch of their lives. To make […]

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BONUS: Feast Hall of Ash Part 3

Podcast Episode

Our band of heroes enters another world as the step into the feast hall. The hall is full of many dangers Amariliia has agents around every corner. They must be careful and clever if they wish to survive let alone restore their friend’s hands and save their village.

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94. Legend of Five Rings Part 3

Podcast Episode

Victory over the Oni and investigation of the secret it was guarding has only raised more questions. No matter how our heroes decide to rule it seems war is inevitable. Our group of Samurai face off with a dangerous and terrible Oni. Its presence answers some questions yet raises many more. Life and honor are […]

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