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All My Fantasy Children is a tabletop character creation, storytelling, and worldbuilding podcast powered by YOU! Each week hosts Jeff Stormer & Aaron Catano-Saez take a listener-submitted prompt and, using some of their favorite tabletop RPGs, spin them into an original fantasy character, populating a shared universe one story at a time.

Jeff Stormer

Aaron Catano-Saez

Jeff Stormer is many things: a podcaster, a game designer, a pro wrestling commentator, a scholar of comic books (no, seriously, you should check his degree), and an avid supporter of eggnog. He lives with his wife, and his jerk of a cat, in West Philadelphia.

Aaron Catano-Saez is an actor, RPG enthusiast, and Crunchyroll Premium member. While not lost in daydreams of burning shonen spirit, he lives the actor grind in NYC which is also called serving.

120. Haradras: The Day of the Storm

Welcome, Jr Wizards! This week, we dive head first into Iron Hill history and a bucket of magical items! Arcane Artifacts and Curious Curios

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118. Pickles the Pickle: The Age of Heroes

117. Lestra and The Duke: LDR

Audio Drama: Celeste Silverna III. The Stranger

Welcome, Jr Wizards! This week, we continue the tale of Celeste Silverna and The End of The Leylines. Celeste is completely exhausted from her battle, but a new challenge has revealed itself! What will our hero do?

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115. Vista Fallencrest: Spinning a Yarn

Welcome, Junior Wizards! This week, join us as we tell the tale of The Fallen Crest of the Hidden City. The skies of Fantasy are full of wonders and mysteries, and those who are brave enough to traverse them, will surely find what they are searching for.

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114. Marina Mulgrove: Beneath the Surface

Welcome, Junior Wizards! This week, we float down the Hanger River and find ourselves at Fantasy’s school for gifted Transmutation mages! Meet Marina Mulgrove, the proprietor of a shop that deals in material components, good music, and of course, no deans allowed.

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113. Teen Sensation Ashley Fask: Star

Welcome, Junior Wizards This week, a legend is reborn! If your first word is “Star”, expectations are high. What does life hold for those who burn brightly in the first chapter of their lives? Lets find out!

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112. Dr Desmond Ace: The Sol Tree

Welcome, Junior Wizards! Demons. What are they and what do they want? Why do they always come back? Warlocks. What are they and what do they want? How do they stop demons from coming back?

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111. Jerome Gullgazer: The Tumbling City

Welcome, Junior Wizards! This week, we take a trip to the Elven city of Moon Crescent, an island region with secrets lurking beneath the ocean’s surface. Join us for the tale of Jerome Gullgazer, and experience what it truly means to feel lost in the waves.

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