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All My Fantasy Children is a tabletop character creation, storytelling, and worldbuilding podcast powered by YOU! Each week hosts Jeff Stormer & Aaron Catano-Saez take a listener-submitted prompt and, using some of their favorite tabletop RPGs, spin them into an original fantasy character, populating a shared universe one story at a time.

Jeff Stormer

Aaron Catano-Saez

Jeff Stormer is many things: a podcaster, a game designer, a pro wrestling commentator, a scholar of comic books (no, seriously, you should check his degree), and an avid supporter of eggnog. He lives with his wife, and his jerk of a cat, in West Philadelphia.

Aaron Catano-Saez is an actor, RPG enthusiast, and Crunchyroll Premium member. While not lost in daydreams of burning shonen spirit, he lives the actor grind in NYC which is also called serving.

158. Cinderpine: The Tree of Self-Determination

Welcome, Junior Wizards! This week, we have a Solo Jeff Stormer Spectacular! Jeff, along with the brilliant game Spindlewheel, will create not only an entirely new region, but also a legend!   Spindlewheel KS

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157. Zane Femur: The Cool Skeleton for Gamers (w/Riley Hopkins)

Welcome, Junior Wizards! This week, we are joined by Riley Hopkins (Interstitial: Our Hearts Intertwined; The Podcast Mines: There But for the Grace of Pod Go I; Like a million other podcasts and games) as we explore the thrilling world of cool energy drinks… for GAMERS!

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156. Altheria Quicksilver: The Page and their Jack

Welcome, Junior Wizards! This week, lets talk about Princesses, Princes, and Pages! If you remove the element of monarchies and lineage from this title, all sorts of amazing possibilities bubble to the surface. When there is a need that cannot be ignored, one person hears a call and becomes a Page. Accompanied by their guardians,...

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155. The County Fairs of Truth

Welcome, Junior Wizards! This week, we are full of those good Fall feels and are sharing them with you! Let’s take a trip to the city of Truth and develop their tradition of County Fairs using Apotheosis by Gordie Murphy! Apotheosis

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154. Bert Featherwell: The Axe of Fire

Welcome, Junior Wizards! This week, Jeff and Aaron dive deep below the surface of Fantasy to discover the legend of The Axe of Fire!   Join us as we start with the creation of a bar, and end with the telling of a legend!

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153. The Society Arcana: Demonology

Welcome, Junior Wizards! This week, let’s take some time to talk about Demons in Fantasy. Join as we decide what lies within The Nightmare Space, what defines a “Demon”, and what it means to become one.

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152. Windburg Kensington: Yellow Bug

Welcome, Junior Wizards! This week, join us as we unravel the tale of the mythical creature known only as Yellow Bug, the Demon of Kensington Drive! Fantasy has such a lovely mythology don’t you think?   Odd Jobs: An Oracle of Undertaking by Abe Mendes Content Warning: Insect Descriptions

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151. Biff Boffo: Three-ring Circus of Misery

Welcome, Junior Wizards! This week, for the week of Aaron’s Birthday, which is International Clown Week, and the day of this episode’s release was in fact, Clown Day, why not dive deep into The Circus of Misery? Lets meet Biff Boffo, the spy that blessed us with the information about the legendary three ring circus...

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150. Moon Crescent’s Origins: Moonfall

Welcome, Junior Wizards! This week, we are finally going to discover how the region of Moon Crescent began! We also use the brilliant Session Zero by Meghan Cross to solidify details about Elvan culture! Session Zero by Meghan Cross

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History Lesson: The Age of The Five-Jeweled Crown

Welcome, Junior Wizards! Ever want a complete summary of the events that surround The Five-Jeweled Crown? Us too! We want listeners old and new to have a quick, concise, and condensed version of this history-packed era in Fantasy’s history! Enjoy!

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