Series 43.3 – Cortex Prime with Cam Banks [Designer] (Discussion)

Welcome to the final episode of series 43, everyone! This series we welcome Cam Banks to discuss his game, Cortex Prime, an RPG Toolkit for creating ANY game you want! This episode we discuss the character creation process, learn a bit more about Cam Banks, talk about the game design process, and get into the few outtakes that came out of this series!


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Guests and Projects:

Cam Banks (Designer) @boymonster

Games discussed this episode:

Cortex Prime


  • 00:00:00 – Announcements
  • 00:04:11 – Reintroductions
  • 00:07:50 – D20 for your thoughts? – How did Cam get into playing and then designing RPGs?
  • 00:11:18 – What does Cam look for in a good character creation system?
  • 00:15:44 – How do you keep the marriage of mechanics and story telling when designing a game?
  • 00:22:26 – How does the process of character creation in Cortex Prime set expectations for play?
  • 00:25:12 – What sort of things make for a good Cortext Prime character sheet?
  • 00:28:43 – What is the biggest flaw of Cortex Prime character creation and what is one of the best things about it?
  • 00:33:48 – Was there an “Aha” moment when putting together the game that made the game stand out?
  • 00:35:10 – Fanfic!
  • 00:42:36 – Take it up a level! – How does a character level up mechanically in Cortex Prime?
  • 00:47:13 – How does this mechanical benefit affect the narrative?
  • 00:51:47 – Final thoughts from Cam about Cortex Prime
  • 00:53:37 – Episode Closer
  • 00:54:50 – Call to Action
  • 00:56:41 – Credits
  • 00:58:36 – Show Blurbs – Asians Represent
  • 00:59:16 – Outtakes



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