In today’s Character Evolution Cast episode, we welcome Ben and Mel from Pod of Love to talk about how to add romance to our games. We have tips on how to handle PC to PC romance, PC to NPC romance, and much more!


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01:24:06 – Episode Closer

01:28:29 – Show Blurbs


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One comment on “Character Evolution Cast E10: Romance with Pod of Love

  1. Prankstir says:

    Great episode. A couple of years ago I ran a game of Marvel heroic where a pc chose to play Domino. I asked him where he wanted to start the scene and he said waking up in bed snuggling with Wolverine. It was a cute scene but completely caught me off guard. I was busy thinking about the players boyfriend (also a player), would i do a good role-playing job as the token straight guy. Everything except the job at hand. It was fine but i always felt that I could do better if i was prepared

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