Ep 16: Quarter To Dead

The clock is ticking and a sister’s kid’s life hangs in the balance. New friends and old foes await in this bloody race against time.

TMNT 2 – Eat Feet!

The Turtles attempt to find out more about the Pet-rification of New York City. Michelangelo perfects a new combat technique.

217. The Tearable RPG

Three elite FBI agents are deployed to “Evil Island” to participate in a Kung Fu Tournament run by the mysterious Art Vandelay. This mission is unclear, their powers are vaguely defined and their enemies are cartoonish parodies of people. This gets out of hand in the best ways possible,

43. Get Acquainted with the Unfamiliar Heroes – Part 1

Fay Onyx, the mastermind behind the Unfamiliar Heroes podcast project, and two of its GMs, Anna Murray and Jordan Green, chat about what it’s like to run an actual play with diverse players and characters at the core. This first part of our conversation focuses on addressing the needs of players, and considering how accessible your game system itself is.

Episode Eighty Nine

GURT EXPECTATIONS! The crew of the Mynock executes its plan of larceny through seduction. Can they pull off subterfuge, or will they be left high and Drine?

The PP Collection – Pt. I

A world even more astounding and unexpected than Shadowrun is the magical world of PPs. These fascinating creatures dwell within the (mostly) cut content of adventure comedy podcasts and feast on the frustrations of Game Masters. Venture into the dark but carefree lives of these peculiar beings in Part 1 of this NeoScum-exclusive special: The PP Collection.

Feng Shui 3: Part 4

Half way through the most important game of galactic street rules Basketball ever played, our heroes appear to be scraping by. There are still many questions left on the table. Perhaps most important is where is Nezu, the kidnapped boy who Shaq failed to rescue years ago? Will our heroes be able to find him before the shot clock runs out?

43. Alex Rowland

Larpwright Alex Rowland on designing opportunities for care, queering boffer, and the time for subtlety.

Episode 15: Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) (w/ Stephen Kropa)

It’s something unpredictable, but in the end is right. The Gang arrives in Chickenville/town and makes themselves at home. Wake us up when this episode ends?

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46. Dusk Seabreeze: The Flow of Time

Welcome, Junior Wizards! They say time waits for no one. Not true. Thanks to a prompt from @ProjectHelm, “A shadow broker that secretly runs underground information. Even Big Jermey don’t know about him.” Dusk Seabreeze begins his dance.