Episode 13: No Looking Back

The crew makes one last stop in Peoria before hitting the open road, forgetting that sometimes the road hits back. Pasts and futures converge, a reminder that you can’t leave history behind — but that’s never stopped a Scummer.

Magic School Bus 1 – The Magic School Bus Goes Viral

Hello class, and welcome to ADVENTURE! This week, the kids in Ms. Frizzle’s class take a field trip inside Phoebe’s cousin in order to learn how vaccines work.

211. The Compass Cats: A Mysterious Warrior Appears, Starlight Surprise is the Pale Moon Princess!?

Immediately after Small Benjamin’s trying Hell in a Cell match Percival the Unwavering enters the arena to bring his brother an urgent mission from Queen Felicia herself. It is a task so gravely important only The Compass Cats can be trusted with it: they must watch over The Pale Moon Princess on her rumspringa. A concept that we can assure you have very different meaning in the vampire capital of Arimore.

41. Enter The Dungeon Dome with James D’Amato!!!

The Dungeon Dome is part Dungeons and Dragons, part professional wrestling franchise, all streamed live online for your viewing pleasure. James is here to talk about how he’s building this new type of games entertainment, the stories he’s hoping to tell, and his thoughts on the future of RPGs.

42. AMFC Live! Ember Inferna: Rise From the Ashes

Welcome, Junior Wizards, to our very first live show! Lucky enough to perform as part of the Philly Podcast Festival, Jeff and Aaron have united to record in the same room for the first time ever! Thanks to a prompt from @EmelieHal, Ember Inferna enters the center ring for her final performance…

210. World Wide Westling Part 3

A simple contract in a box match at The Brown Center for the Performing arts has turned into the battle of the century. God the creator of the universe and their tag team partner Mike Jones will take on Satan and Men Latifa, and Cool Dad and his kids in a three-way buried alive tag team match for the right to take a shot at the title. This is the fight that was foretold when Lucifer was struck down from heaven! Also, a very Cool Dad is there!

40. Jay Treat

Designer and long-time small-time con organizer Jay Treat joins us to talk cards, larps, and the careful calibration of tone.

Harry Potter 3: Ronning Amok

Hermione, Ron, and Luna’s idea isn’t fully baked yet, so they head to the kitchens to consult with everyone’s favorite house-elf.

Episode 12: Retail Therapy

Destination: Los Angeles! But before they hit the open road, the NeoScum make a pit stop in Peoria.

Shopping, shenanigans, and ShadowFUN awaits!

209. World Wide Wrestling Part 2

This week we ring the bell and bring you the first match in our NERP exhibition at the Brown Center for the Performing arts in Providence. THis first match is a stunner the everyone’s favorite veteran wrestler Cool Dad vs constantly defeated newcomer, Bob! Will Bob pull an upset or is Cool dad going to ground him?