Flashback: Episode Six

Episode Card Format FlashbackIn which the boys forget the word holocron, continue infringing on musical copyright, and reopen some old wounds.


0. Our Introduction

Our introductory episode, listen as Jim tells us all why he’s excited to begin this journey into exploring the world of tabletop gaming.

Flashback: Episode Five

Episode Card Format FlashbackIn which the boys do more sound effects than expected, and put us in gratuitously needless risk of musical copyright infringement.

Gencon Fan Panel 2015

James, Kat, and John Patrick Coan discuss playing as performance and answer questions from heroes

Rapid Fire

James, Kat, and John Patrick Coan discuss playing as performance and answer questions from heroes

Flashback: Episode Four

Episode Card Format FlashbackFive years before their infiltration of the Murder Ball, The Crew of the Mynock was not even the crew of the Mynock. On the run from the Empire, with no ship, or lives to return to, our heroes found themselves in orbit around Socorro.

On this planet of smugglers and thieves, Tryst Valentine confronts one of his greatest foes: his past.



Interview August 14 10:00 PM Stage 773

Valorcon October 16-18
Metatopia November 5-8
Acadecon November 13-15

Episode Thirty Eight

Episode 38With more than a potential new vest on the line, can the Mynock crew keep their cool as they back their enemies into a corner?


Episode Thirty Seven

Episode 37Now unarmed, Leenik shall find out how salt is the taste of another bounty hunter’s breadsticks, and how hard is the way up and down another bounty hunter’s stairs.

Episode Thirty Six

Episode 36While it looks like Minister Blue, Agent Zero, and the rest of the imps have the upper hand, our heroes are armed to the teeth, and willing to pay an arm and a leg to keep the Emperor’s paws off the ones they love.

Blue Rose with Jack Norris

James speaks to Jack Norris about the return of Blue Rose, Green Ronin’s new take on the original romantic fantasy RPG. We calk about changes to the setting, updates to AGE, and design goals for the new edition.