BONUS: Gencon 2016 Headspace Part 2

James sits down with Mark Richardson and some friends to run character creation for Headspace.

19. Pelter: The Way of the Shaduh’

The Dark Magicks have taken their toll on our Senior Wizards. They attempted to channel the Darkness using the prompt: ” ” and created… Pelter. Can our Senior Wizards manage to craft a life when they must channel the Dark Magick from within themselves?

26. Modding 13th Age with J Michael Bestul

Heroes, it has been a HECK of a year, and we’re going out with a bang. J Michael Bestul gives us some hot tips on how to get the most out of modding 13th Age, which is a pretty rad system to begin with. Plus, a little waxing nostalgic in the intro and not one but TWO hidden kitties! Don’t ever say we never gave you nothing.

Satanic Panic Bonus Episode – Howard’s Birthday

The team has been roped into a mission all of them have been dreading, attending Howard’s birthday party.

180. Triniton Part 2

After happening upon Cindy Chow, daughter of notorious gangster Fat Chow, our boys have a unique opportunity. It is well know that the Cow crime family has a vast collection of crystals making them one of the most powerful crime families in the city. With some clever social maneuvering Vincent Tralinitne and his friends can get a crystal the libertarian way: by taking it.

Episode Seventy Six

In which, after a year and two months of having thematically been on Phindar, the boys fly back to Phindar. To shop.

26. Ole Peder Giæver

Game designer Ole Peder Giæver, co-creator of Itras By (with Martin Bull Gudmundsen) and Old Friends (with Jason Morningstar) joins Alex for a dreamy chat about magic, masks, and Norwegian folklore. Also: an exciting announcement.

BONUS: Gencon 2016 Headspace Part 1

James sits down with Mark Richardson and some friends to run character creation for Headspace.

Satanic Panic Episode 7 – The Demon

The team has tracked the source of the demon to the basement of Talawanda high school, but this basement hold more secrets then anyone expected.

58. Dan of Fear the Boot Part 2

This episode of part two of Jim’s interview with Dan of Fear the Boot. During this interview they discuss video games, RPG’s with Meta-plots, and the future of Fear the Boot.