183. MASKS Part 2

After thwarting a bank robbery would be teen heroine Fetch (Molly) pressured her friend and partner Snowflake (Noelle) into taking some of the valuables they recovered from the crooks instead of turning them over to the police. Their teammates Bandicoot (Ben) and Tabitha (Lola) have no idea, and if Fetch has her way they never will. Will Snowflake be able to keep her secret?

27. RPGs for Kids with John Harness

John Harness, veteran middle-grade game-runner and force behind the Facebook page “RPGs for Kids” joins us to talk about…running games for kids! We talk about games as education as well as fun, and how to approach running for the younger players in your life.

20. Catch Cavalier: Don’t Sleep On The Dead

Live from your town, it’s The Catch Cavalier Show! Welcome, Junior Wizards! Tonight Jeff and Aaron have stared into the Dark Magick Spiral Ham and pulled from it a prompt from Twitter user @plantbird “Catch Cavalier, the world’s most charming necromancer”! Will you join Aaron, Jeff, and ol Skelly into the great beyond to find out why in Jeremy’s name there is now a skeleton on All My Fantasy Children?

Satanic Panic Episode 9 – Georgia

In the aftermath of Inspector Acht’s visit to the agency, Burt Macklin goes into business for himself. A few well placed lies, with the help a supportive superior officer, and the team is on its way to a TSR stronghold.

182. MASKS Part 1

A scrappy new team of teen supers Fetch (Molly Ostertag,) Snowflake (Noelle Stevenson,) (Lola Binkerd,) and The Bandicoot (Ben Joseph) are still finding their feet in the superpowered metropolis: Halcyon City. In a world of civilians who are inconvenienced by them, villains who want to fight them, and older heroes who want to tell them what to do, it’s hard for a teen hero to find their place. Luckily, they have each other. Hopefully that will be enough.

Second Watch – October???!!!

Several months ago Jim, Alex, and Meghan talk about birthdays, game conventions, acceptable forms of sweet potato, and SO MANY GAMES. SO many games. Did you know we like games? We’ll tell you about ALL OF THEM.

27. D. Vincent and Meguey Baker

To celebrate one year of Backstory, Alex brings on indie legends and Apocalypse World co-creators Meguey and D. Vincent Baker. Topics range from sex education to censorship to masonic initiation ceremonies and quilt preservation – and yes, it’s all related to game design.

Satanic Panic Episode 8 – Inspector Acht

The team returns from their mission out to Talawanda High school only to come under fire from a brand new threat. They must defend themselves from an inter-office investigation.

59. Quinn Wilson

This Episode features Quinn Wilson of the Swallows of the South podcast. During this interview we discuss how his brother got him into tabletop, what it is like introducing new people to lore-dense games, and his efforts to expand the inclusiveness of the tabletop community.

181. Triniton Part 3

Having maneuvered themselves outside the chow compound our heroes are incredibly close to acquiring a crystal, which will allow them to fund a public concert. All they have to do is keep Dusty’s eyes on the mission and curb Vincent’s thirst for vengeance.