Arms of the Tide

Slag and Smoke Episode Three

The encounter in the jewelry factory escalates in ways that could not have been anticipated.

Slag and Smoke Episode Two

The invasion of the jewelry factory begins and things do not go as planned.

Slag and Smoke Episode One

After a threatening call from Anatoli, the crew starts a new job.

The Blame Game Episode Ten

The crew catches their breath now that the job is over.

The Blame Game Episode Nine

The plan to fake Vanui’s death and cover for Triskaad advances.

The Blame Game Episode Eight

The gang asks questions of Vanui as he begins to understand what his new life might mean.

The Blame Game Episode Seven

As Kaa security storms Gorfmann’s Repose, things heat up for the team.

The Blame Game Episode Six

The investigation into the names Triskaad supplied begins and leads to a strange escapade involving bingo, a man named Duke, and talk of infrastructure.

The Orpheus Protocol Kickstarter:

The Blame Game Episode Five

Following a short break, it’s time for Lions, Cleo, and Local to meet with Triskaad and start moving on the information they’ve collected.

The Blame Game Episode Four

The party briefly enjoys some well-deserved rest.