Arms of the Tide

Jailbreak Episode Four

The charge through Pyrite Detention Facility continues as Local, Lions, and Wari look for a level 3 keycard.

Jailbreak Episode Three

Content warning for brutal conditions of detainment. Lions, Local, and Wari charge into the Pyrite Detention Facility after a chance meeting with Barthelomeo.

Arms of the Tide After Hours Special

A nonsequitur and something a little different this week as the crew debriefs about quarantine and answers some listener questions

Jailbreak Episode Two

Lions meets with Giants as the Arms of the Tide prepare an assault on the Pyrite Detention Facility

Jailbreak Episode One

After having processed their recent tragedy, the Arms of the Tide move on to their plan to strike back at Kaa Technologics for the people of the Crags District

Bury Me In the Sky With Humor And Hope

The gang reacts to what happened to Cleo, and takes time to reflect on what matters.

Recovery Episode Four

Duped by Anatoli and out of options, the Arms consider what options they have left to save Sasha.

Recovery Episode Three

Tensions in Tin Flats park escalate to violence.

Recovery Episode Two

The crew reacts to the news Cleo received in her phone call and prepare to respond.

Recovery Episode One

The city of Eo has changed in the last two weeks, and the Arms of the Tide call for Cleo, Lions, and Local once again.