All My Fantasy Children

6. John-Pierre: With Great Style Comes Grape Responsibility

With the help of the prompt “A dwarf with style” from twitter user, DaigleBagel, our hosts conjure John-Pierre, a man with so much style, he had to be brought to you by a very specific sponsor. Aaron and Jeff discover that sometimes style is not open to interpretation. Some people possess an incredibly powerful aura of magnetism, and with that aura, a single person can change the fate of the world.

5. Madam Mysteria: The Revolution of Puri… Grasshopper City

Aaron and Jeff are blessed with a prompt from @DaMoonRulz. “A Cleric whose Holy symbol is a tome known as: “The Secret” Our hosts channel their power to create the hero, Madam Mysteria, a priestess with a secret power. However, not even she can save them from returning to a familiar land… with an unfamiliar foe.

4. The Wyzzardding World of Craig Hasterburg

Aaron and Jeff channel dark magics to give life to @ydacretsim’s prompt “A jester who thinks he’s a wizard”. The two soon learn that sometimes things are not meant to grow on trees.

3. Jonny Orko: Satan, Thy Name is Paulie

Episode art by Shannon Dapper! @ShannonDapper on twitter! Jeff and Aaron channel dark energy to create @KeanKeeKs’ prompt, “a small half-orc who just graduated orc-academy(?), never fit in, and wants to figure out his next steps in life”. The two come face to face with the devil and learn that he has a taste for interplanetary Gatorade.

2. Big Jeremy and the Goats of the Round Table

Jeff and Aaron are blessed with BeeCollage’s character submission, “Big Jeremy, the ironmonger’s son”. Our hosts witness the fall of an empire, but live through the reign of a savior.

1. Slip Willis: Field of MERP

Aaron and Jeff give life to @LeviathanFiles’ fantasy child, Slip Willis, a trash-bard with an ostentatious hat in the Middle Earth tabletop RPG. Our hosts soon learns that song bards are destined for more than just playing songs.

Ep 0: The Tragedy of Samuel Gourd

Pilot Episode: Ep 0: The Tragedy of Samuel Gourd