A Horror Borealis

SIDE STORIES #1: Revenant Days

The people of Revenant once again gather to celebrate Revenant Days, a unique local tradition with a zany roster of customs, and in the process share some little moments together away from wild monsters or impending doom.

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EPISODE 67: Time After Time pt. 6

In a single moment of shocking clarity, Moriah zeroes in on the key to the puzzle.


Aided by a new toy, a reclaimed Adam, and the door-to-door time counseling efforts of Martha and Siobhan, the Hunters turn their gaze to tomorrow and try to plan for a future they now believe is within their grasp.

Moriah Harris is Addison Peacock

Martha Campbell is Tim Woerner

Siobhan O’Shaughnessy is Andrew Giotta

The Keeper is Alex Flanigan

Sound design and audio production by Ryan Boelter

Music: Promising Relationship by Kevin MacLeod

Link: https://filmmusic.io/song/4246-promising-relationship

License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

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EPISODE 66: Time After Time pt. 6

Witness the Unravelling.

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EPISODE 65: Time After Time pt. 4

As the perfect day begins to get kind of old, the Hunters look for something–anything–to help them break the cycle. Martha sees things in a new light, and a glimmer of hope sparks the seeds of a plan.

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EPISODE 64: Time After Time pt. 3

The Hunters try to make sense of their findings, but find it hard to make much progress when every day starts their investigation from scratch. But a new perspective and a startling discovery from Siobhan might just be what they need to begin unraveling the mystery.

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EPISODE 63: Time After Time pt. 2

It’s Moriah’s favorite Thursday…again.

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EPISODE 62: Time After Time pt. 1

After everything they’ve been through, it seems the town of Revenant has finally earned one perfect day: a chance to rest, reset, and–if only for 24 hours–forget about what tomorrow will bring.

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EPISODE 61: Winterlude 7

In the aftermath, the people of Revenant find their way back to each other. Even as they sort through broken windows and shattered spirits, there are stronger things than fear in these hearts.

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EPISODE 59: In Cold Blood pt. 10

The Hunters bite back.

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EPISODE 58: In Cold Blood pt. 9

What are we, the producers of a critically-acclaimed breakout primetime vehicle for Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston’s dramatic careers? Because the events of this episode are BREAKING BAD.

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