Show Notes

Porter & Steve are joined by game developer and conservationist Emily Care Boss in the second half of a two-part interview where they come together to discuss whether bleed is a good or a bad thing, strategies for addressing and mitigating bleed safety, and some positive takeaways they have experienced from their own experiences of bleed.

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Emily Care Boss can be found at her games website at, and on twitter at @emilycare.

Steve Discont can found on twitter at @bearlynormal, and Porter Green at @DagmarRugosa.

You can go to the following URLs or research articles to learn about some of the topics discussed in this episode:

Bleed: by Sarah Lynne Bowman

Bleed: by Kjell Hedgard Hugaas

Brown Eyes/Blue Eyes Game: by Stephen G. Bloom

Documentary about the Brown Eyes/Blue Eyes Experiment: by Frontline PBS
OK Check-In: by Johanna Koljonen