Show Notes

Porter & Steve are joined by game developer and conservationist Emily Care Boss in the first of a two-part interview where they come together to discuss the idea of bleed, the different types, how it can manifest, what might be causes of it, and how to go about making characters while taking bleed into consideration.

Emily Care Boss can be found at her games website at, and on twitter at @emilycare.

Steve Discont can found on twitter at @bearlynormal, and Porter Green at @DagmarRugosa.

You can go to the following URLs or research articles to learn about some of the topics discussed in this episode:

Bleed: by Sarah Lynne Bowman

Bleed: by Kjell Hedgard Hugaas

Relationship Development through Roleplaying:

Alibi: Montola, M., & Holopainen, J. (2012). First person audience and painful role-playing. In C. B. Nielsen & C. Raasted (Eds.), Immersive Gameplay: Essays on Participatory Media and Role-playing (pp. 13-30). Jefferson, NC, USA: McFarland.
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