The team was just getting to the bottom of their many mysteries when there was a knocking at the door, or rather an explosion at the elevator. An old friend has come to pay the agents a visit….

The Kickstarter for Satanic Panic is now live!

About the Author
Jim McClure is a business consultant by day and honorable samurai of Rokugan by night. A total obsession with the ideas and execution of storytelling drives his passion in the RPG world. Jim believes that tabletop RPGs are the highest from of art known to mankind and he desires to spread this message to the world. When not at a game table he is often found reading, writing stories, designing games, or practicing martial arts.

2 comments on Satanic Panic Episode 14 – Invasion

  1. David Parker says:

    I’ve been busy for a while so I only just caught this last episodes, this is one of my favourite podcasts and I’m sad to see there hasn’t been an update in a few months. Wondering if there is going to be more in the future?

    1. Chris says:

      I want to second this! Played my first playtest of SP Friday and loved it. Looking forward to more updates.

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