Series 3.3 – Star Crossed! with Alex Roberts (Discussion)

Series 3.3 – Star Crossed! with Alex Roberts (Discussion)

Show Notes

On today’s episode we sit down with Alex Roberts to discuss character creation and much more in regards to Star Crossed!


00:00:00 – Announcements

00:03:45 – Reintroductions

00:07:24 – D20 for your thoughts?

00:07:46 – How did Alex get into RPGs?

00:12:10 – Alex’s personal character creation process

00:14:45 – How does Star Crossed compare to other systems for character creation?

00:22:30 – What did Alex need to have in this game for character creation?

00:26:36 – How does the process lead to immersion?

00:30:58 – How do we think our scenarios for our couples would play out?

00:38:22 – How does this game handle character development?

00:41:56 – Take it up a level!

00:42:16 – Intensity and the concept of bleed

00:48:22 – Decompressing during and after an intense game

00:51:40 – What sorts of things can be learned from this game?

01:01:32 – What did Alex learn from making this game?

01:04:06 – Alex’s advice to get the most from Star Crossed

01:05:31 – Why should people give this game a try?

01:08:57 – Episode Closer

01:12:52 – Outtakes

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Star Crossed! by Bully Pulpit Games

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Dread by Impossible Dream ([amazon]( ([website](

Kagematsu by Cream Alien Games ([website](

Hot Guys Making Out by Tao Games ([drivethru]( ([website](

Breaking the Ice by Black and Green Games ([drivethru]( ([website – romance trilogy](

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