Show Notes

In this episode, Sally and Shane talk about casual co-op games, when they work, when they don’t, why they’re great during the pandemic, and more. Then they discuss their all time favorites of the genre and also kind of change their definition of the genre. They also talk about speedrunning and Games Done Quick 2020 as well the games they’re playing right now (Overwatch, Minecraft Dungeons, LA Noire, A Mortician’s Tale, ACNH).

Things we talked about:

Games Done Quick 2020 Schedule

Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! World Record Progression

Final Fantasy VII speedrun from Summer Games Done Quick 2017

-What Shane’s excited about: The rom-com Palm Springs (Groundhog Day for millennials, streaming on Hulu)

-What Sally’s excited about: Zweihänder, the “grim and perilous” RPG that started as a hack of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay