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Welcome heroes, to a new month of ONE SHOT!

This episode Chris Sims, John Patrick Coan, and Kat Murphy team up to recreate a 90’s kung-fu action movie. Their characters Inspector Jackie, Angela Chan, and Bobby Euphrates, defend a special little pizza shop in the Bronx called “Ancient Chinese Pizza” from the deadly Snake Skin triad. Kick back and crack open an ice cold Pepsi(TM) and listen to fists fly.

Chris Sims (Guest Star):
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2 comments on 06. Pizza Party Rumble

  1. Nicholas Marques says:

    Dudes I love your oneshots there awsome

  2. Connor says:

    Was sharing this awesome classic episode with friends and noticed that there’s an error in this description–JPC’s character is very much Tommy Euphrates, not Bobby

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