The NeoScum Best of 2018 Special: Get Hits, Get Back Up

The NeoScum Best of 2018 Special: Get Hits, Get Back Up

Show Notes

For newcomers and old Scummers alike, this compilation of some of 2018’s best moments is packed to the brim with laughs, tears, and ass-rippin’ action. Prepare for a screaming wild whirlwind only NeoScum can deliver.

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NeoScum is:

Blair Britt as Z (the amnesiac cyber-troublemaker)

Mike Migdall as Dak Rambo (the renegade trucker with a storied past)

Eleni Sauvageau as Pox (the candy-crazed klepto on the run)

Casey Toney as Tech Wizard (the broken wizard in cartoon robes)

Gannon Reedy as The Game Master (“God”)

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