Scott’s Big Adventure: Corporate Survival Gaiden Ep. 1 // Patreon Unlock!

Stuff is HAPPENING, y’all. Casey just moved and Gannon’s getting married so, in lieu of a typical release, we’re unlocking the first episode of the Scott’s Big Adventure NeoScum Gaiden series for everyone! You can hear the whole series by becoming a Darkmover ($5) of the NeoScum Patreon. Even better — you can get the Corporate Survival RPG handbook Gannon wrote for this campaign at our page!


What happened to Scott Free? 

Hey everyone, this is Mike! This is my first time editing a TTRPG Actual Play Gaiden since Sun Up, and wow, we now have access to a stock music library!! I’m so excited to be back in the Gaiden saddle! Also Blair is taking a nice holiday/new year break so this ep is just Gannon, Casey, Eleni and I! I hope you like it!! OH! This Arc takes place after the events of episode 72 btw. I should say that. Okay, Peace

Featuring the following music courtesy of HoZac Records:

Invisible Men, and E.M.W. by Vector Command.

Featuring the following music from Epidemic Sounds:

After You Sir! by The Fly Guy Five, Baby It’s You (Instrumental) by Revel Day, Dreams in Colour by Casey Wilcox, Borrowed Courage by Gettz G, Never Say No by Clarence Reed