All things end. Big and small, old and new, material and immaterial. One way or another.

*Featuring an arrangement of Tech and Lala’s theme composed and performed by Gio Benedetti. Listen and look at more of Gio’s music and art at [](*

*NeoScum is Blair Britt, Mike Migdall, Gannon Reedy, Eleni Sauvageau, and Casey Toney. Yeah, daddy. You can find Neoscum on [Twitter](, on [Reddit](, and at [](*

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This episode of NeoScum features the following music from HoZac Records:

– Crystal Anis – The Limiñanas (starts 12:35)
– Betty and Johnny – The Limiñanas (starts 58:43)
– Stranglin’ You – Slug Guts (starts 1:18:42)
– Jugemu – Ruby Karinto [played in reverse] (starts 1:24:40)
– Little Elise – Games (starts 1:36:28)
– I’m Dead (Instrumental) – The Limiñanas (ending plug)

*Music may have been edited or modified for use. Learn more about HoZac and the artists they support at [](*

About the Author
Meghan Dornbrock knows that books are true magic, and has a weak spot for storytelling rogue-kings. An artist, animator, and all-around games enthusiast, she’s fascinated by the many different ways there are to tell a good story and is eager to see what’ll come next. Eventually she will die on Mars, but currently she lives in the uncool part of Brooklyn. Follow her on twitter or on her website.

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