First Watch

Newer episodes of First Watch are available as bonus content for patrons of the One Shot Network Patreon. Older episodes that were not bonus content are archived here.

First Watch features all the hosts from the One Shot Network.

First Watch February 2016

James and Kat talk Star Wars Rebels, puzzle over riddles, and get real serious about an eggplant monster.

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First Watch January 2016

James and Kat dig into Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and imagine a world where every weapon has been devoured by walking castles that poop magic animals.

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First Watch 2

James and Kat discuss Splatoon, bicycles, magical fermentation, preserves, and Kobolds. That’s right. Someone was foolish enough to let James talk about Kobolds.

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Episode 1

James and Kat discuss birthdays, weddings, emotional classification for games, and displacer beasts all be fore waking the fighter.

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