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All My Fantasy Children is a tabletop character creation, storytelling, and worldbuilding podcast powered by YOU! Each week hosts Jeff Stormer & Aaron Catano-Saez take a listener-submitted prompt and, using some of their favorite tabletop RPGs, spin them into an original fantasy character, populating a shared universe one story at a time.

Jeff Stormer

Aaron Catano-Saez

Jeff Stormer is many things: a podcaster, a game designer, a pro wrestling commentator, a scholar of comic books (no, seriously, you should check his degree), and an avid supporter of eggnog. He lives with his wife, and his jerk of a cat, in West Philadelphia.

Aaron Catano-Saez is an actor, RPG enthusiast, and Crunchyroll Premium member. While not lost in daydreams of burning shonen spirit, he lives the actor grind in NYC which is also called serving.

12. AMFC History Lesson: Party of (the) Five

This week, Aaron and Jeff delve into the mysterious history of their fantasy world and the powers and drive its course. The Five? That’s new. The history of Iron Hill? Let’s effin go! All this and more! The Senior Wizards would like to remind new listeners to perhaps listen to the previous episodes before starting...

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11. All My Spooky Children: Pumpkin Jay

Happy Halloween! Enjoy the tale of Pumpkin Jay! Join Aaron and Jeff on their first ever All My Fantasy Children Halloween Spectacular! The two are supercharged with Dark Magicks on this ‘Ween, and will need every ounce of it for the spooky prompt submitted by @BlakeRyanBatman “Chad Butternut once left a pumpkin out- lightning hit...

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10. Skylar Morrison: More Juic-E More Problems

This week, in our return to CYBERPUNK 2020, twitter user @SweatdropEmoji has given us the prompt, “The manager of a farm-to-table nutrient paste co-op”. Jeff and Aaron channel Dark Magicks through this prompt to create Skylar Morrison, a young man with connections that can make or break his business of the dark future.

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9. AM-E: Infinite Lives

Listen up, cyberpunks and Techno-wizards! This week, Aaron and Jeff take a look into the DARK NEAR FUTURE OF CYBERPUNK 2020 (as suggested to us by twitter user @robotclaw) to explore a prompt brought to us by Twitter user @tuilelaith\_: “A mechanical person whose dreams are virtual spaces, connected to networks in strange and unpredictable...

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8. Captain Goldbeard: Set Sail on the Sea Butt

Episode art by Dave Lapru @plantbird Ahoy there, lovers of dark magick AND pirates! In this episode of All My Fantasy Children, Aaron and Jeff take twitter user @Plantbird’s prompt, “A pirate captain with a strict no killing policy” and create Captain Goldbeard. Set sail with the world’s most popular pirate and discover the true...

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7. Tia Matte: The Light Through the Prism

On episode 7 of All My Fantasy Children, we are bringin’ the music back with a prompt from twitter user, @Spacekase. “A Dragonkin bard who wants to be an idol” In a world where creativity is dead, only one Draconic idol can drop the bass and get this party started.

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6. John-Pierre: With Great Style Comes Grape Responsibility

With the help of the prompt “A dwarf with style” from twitter user, DaigleBagel, our hosts conjure John-Pierre, a man with so much style, he had to be brought to you by a very specific sponsor. Aaron and Jeff discover that sometimes style is not open to interpretation. Some people possess an incredibly powerful aura...

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5. Madam Mysteria: The Revolution of Puri… Grasshopper City

Aaron and Jeff are blessed with a prompt from @DaMoonRulz. “A Cleric whose Holy symbol is a tome known as: “The Secret” Our hosts channel their power to create the hero, Madam Mysteria, a priestess with a secret power. However, not even she can save them from returning to a familiar land… with an unfamiliar...

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4. The Wyzzardding World of Craig Hasterburg

Aaron and Jeff channel dark magics to give life to @ydacretsim’s prompt “A jester who thinks he’s a wizard”. The two soon learn that sometimes things are not meant to grow on trees.

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3. Jonny Orko: Satan, Thy Name is Paulie

Episode art by Shannon Dapper! @ShannonDapper on twitter! Jeff and Aaron channel dark energy to create @KeanKeeKs’ prompt, “a small half-orc who just graduated orc-academy(?), never fit in, and wants to figure out his next steps in life”. The two come face to face with the devil and learn that he has a taste for...

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