James and Kat discuss birthdays, weddings, emotional classification for games, and displacer beasts all be fore waking the fighter.

About the Author
James D’Amato, the world’s foremost Kobold advocate, moved to Chicago in 2010 to train at Second City and iO in the art of improvisational comedy. He now uses that education to introduce new people to role-playing, and teach die-hard Grognards new tricks.

3 comments on Episode 1

  1. Paul says:


    Only 2! I have 5 middle names

  2. Shawn Wilson says:

    My mom did that two middle names thing.

  3. Bluebogle says:

    Thanks guys, my reading list wasn’t nearly long enough without your barrage of recommendations.

    You guys seem really familiar with fan fiction. What would you recommend? Are there titles that are particularly good regardless of the IP they’re based on? Or some of the best for fans of specific IPs? Also, where do you go for your fanfic? Are their sites that compile them and are the place to go, or do you have to find these individually based on recommendation chains.

    I knew the tigers attacking from behind thing ONLY because of Calvin and Hobbes, where the mask worked for Calvin for all of about a minute.

    Great new show btw. Looking forward to hearing more.

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