James sits down with one of the brilliant minds behind Double Exposure to discuss Metatopia, the Envoy program, and fostering an open gaming community.

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James D’Amato, the world’s foremost Kobold advocate, moved to Chicago in 2010 to train at Second City and iO in the art of improvisational comedy. He now uses that education to introduce new people to role-playing, and teach die-hard Grognards new tricks.

One comment on “Avonelle Wing

  1. Taylor Hubler says:

    This was my first look into Critical Success and I don’t think it could have been any better and any more relevant to me right now.

    I am 30, currently trying to finish my college degree, and working hard at slowly becoming involved in the industry as a freelance writer and game designer. I’m starting out with the Pathfinder RPG as a writer simply because that is where I found my first opportunities, and I have seen some success there. However, I have so many ideas related to projects outside of the Pathfinder RPG and I have never really known what to do with them. Not to try and hold myself up in any way but I was in Paizo’s RPG Superstar in the 2015 season and season 9, so I think I am doing well in reaching my goals. I just don’t know how to break into other games at the moment, and I think you handed people a great resource for that here.

    In addition, this episode hit some really good notes for me. While I am a white cis heterosexual male I have always wanted to try and use games as a way to connect with other people of any and every background. I want my tables to be as diverse as I can get them and I want everyone to feel like they have a place at my games. I was so happy to hear that not only are there other people wanting to use games in the same way, but they are working hard on programs to make that possible. Games really can be a healing tool, and right now we need as many of those as possible.

    Excellent podcast. Excellent resources. Excellent job.

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