This episode starts our 9th series! On today’s episode we will be talking with the creator of such games as Honey Heist, One Last Job, and the game we’ll be covering this series, Spire! That’s right, we have Grant Howitt in our virtual studio for some discussion about Spire before we start digging into character creation for this amazing game!



Guests and Projects:

Grant Howitt: @gshowitt (



00:00:00 – Announcements

00:02:50 – Introductions

00:05:54 – What’s in a Game? – Spire’s Setting

00:07:59 – What did it take to get all of the little details into Spire?

00:12:03 – Amelia inspires Grant – Strata

00:16:17 – Spire SRD

00:17:39 – What materials do we need to play?

00:18:53 – What do your characters do in Spire?

00:20:41 – What is unique about Spire?

00:22:19 – History of the Spire’s development

00:30:02 – What terms and concepts do we need to know for character creation?

00:33:42 – Let’s Makes Some People! – Picking classes

00:37:33 – Filling in some boxes – Advances

00:39:32 – Grant breaks the rules – Durances

00:41:12 – Core Abilities – Grant

00:42:43 – What is Refresh?

00:44:34 – Core Abilities – Amelia

00:45:44 – Ryan’s Weapon Choice

00:46:00 – Grant’s Weapon Choice

00:46:27 – Core Abilities – Ryan

00:47:25 – Episode Closer

00:49:19 – Show Blurbs! (With special guest!)


Game systems and materials discussed in this episode:

Spire by Rowan, Rook and Decard

Other games by Grant:



Opening: Meditation Impromptu 03 ( by Kevin MacLeod (

Clip 1: Revolution Now (Instrumental) ( by Josh Woodward (

Clip 2: Babylon Shall Fall ( by Simon Mathewson (

Main Theme: Hero (Remix) ( by Steve Combs (


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