Show Notes

Welcome to the final episode of series 40, everyone! This series we welcome Neal Powell, co-host from DMNastics, Dungeon Master’s Block and Whelmed: The Young Justice Files, to talk about Phoenix Dawn Command, a card based, fantasy TTRPG by Keith Baker that is all about coming back from death stronger than before. This episode, we discuss the process and give our thoughts about the game and how it compares to other games! Then, stick around after the show for the outtakes.


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Guests and Projects:

Neal Powell @joatmoniac

Games discussed this episode:

Phoenix Dawn Command by Keith Baker of Two-gether Studios


  • 00:00:00 – Announcements
  • 00:02:38 – Reintroductions
  • 00:07:35 – D20 for your thoughts? – Where do Neal’s ideas come from?
  • 00:13:28 – What does Neal like to see in character creation?
  • 00:15:45 – How do we feel character creation in Phoenix Dawn Command stacks up against other games?
  • 00:20:32 – How does the process of character creation in this game prepare us for play?
  • 00:23:40 – What story does the character sheets for this game tell us?
  • 00:25:55 – Biggest flaw, best part
  • 00:28:32 – Fanfiction!
  • 00:37:32 – Take it up a level! – How do you level up and what happens mechanically?
  • 00:40:29 – How does this affect the narrative?
  • 00:43:52 – Final Thoughts
  • 00:44:47 – Episode Closer
  • 00:46:08 – Call to Action
  • 00:48:38 – Credits
  • 00:50:33 – Show Blurbs – Modifier
  • 00:51:07 – Outtakes



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