Show Notes

Series 35 comes to a close this episode where we welcome back Party of One host and fellow network show All My Fantasy Children co-host, Jeff Stormer! We will be discussing the character creation process for his new game, Anyone Can Wear the Mask, a storytelling game about a superhero, a villain and a city.


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Guests and Projects:

Jeff Stormer @GMJeffStormer

Games discussed this episode:

Anyone Can Wear the Mask by Jeff Stormer


Beyond the Rift by Dee Pennyway


  • 00:00:00 – Announcements
  • 00:02:00 – Introductions and Character Recaps
  • 00:06:26 – D20 for your thoughts?
  • 00:11:26 – What is Jeff’s process for creating characters?
  • 00:14:47 – How does character creation in this game compare to others?
  • 00:24:05 – How does the process of character creation reinforce the feel of playing the game?
  • 00:25:49 – What is one of the biggest flaws/best parts about character creation in this game?
  • 00:36:20 – Fanfic!
  • 00:41:49 – Design Story Segue
  • 00:44:22 – Take it up a level!
  • 00:49:07 – Final Thoughts
  • 00:50:23 – Episode Closer
  • 00:51:57 – Call to Action
  • 00:54:44 – Credits
  • 00:56:39 – Show Blurbs – All My Fantasy Children
  • 00:57:16 – Outtakes



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