Satanic Panic

Satanic Panic is an actual play podcast that takes place in the 1980’s during the height of public concern about satanic corruption. The twist… everything people thought about tabletop was right.


Small groups of people meet in dark basements all across the country, whispering spells and rolling dice while bringing the world one step closer to the brink of destruction. Tabletop players (or tabletoppers as they are called) are actually opening the door for demonic forces.


This show follows a team of government agents that are tasked with keeping the world safe from the insidious activities of those foolish enough, or evil enough, to play tabletop. Dr Courtney Kessler, Burt Macklin, and Alexander Rey will need all of their wits and abilities to fight back against the forces of evil while keeping the true nature of the corruption secret from the public.


Player Bios

Satanic Panic Episode 5 – Amy

After a harrowing engagement with a TSR Agent in Middletown Ohio the team is sent out to Talawanda High school on reports of a demon possessed girl. The insertion method of choice? 80’s fashion and bad radio DJs.

Satanic Panic Bonus Episode

On this special bonus episode of Satanic Panic, Dr Kessler, Alexander, and Macklin return from a botched mission and must try and talk their way out of a debriefing with Glen Dotson.

Satanic Panic Episode 4 – The Agent

The comic store has been cleared, but Middletown Ohio is not safe yet. Alexander is in a bad way and trouble is brewing on the outskirts of town. One last basement to investigate, one last piece of information to be found, and one new agent added to the mix.

Satanic Panic Episode 3 – The Sampson Family

A body was found in the basement of Open Page Comics, and an ominous sign carved into it’s chest, “THAC0”. The agents set up an interesting sting operating utilizing a complex market strategy for the store in an effort to find more information about the goings on in Middletown Ohio.

Satanic Panic Episode 2 – Open Page Comics

The team is sent out to Middletown Ohio to handle an outbreak of tabletoppers in the local community. They find their biggest rival in an antagonistic quartermaster and a metalhead that runs a comic book shop.

Satanic Panic Episode 1 – Tabletoppers

The team of Dr Courtney Kessler, Alexander Ray, and Burt Macklin are sent on an operation in Ohio to handle a rouge group of tabletop players. They will have to deal with the dangerous of an unknown basement, an over-oppressive boss, the local librarian Eunice, and their own dysfunctions to keep the world safe from evil.