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41. Resist the Urge to Fill Negative Space

We haven’t had a deadlined project in a minute, but now it’s time for a deadlined project again. How do we incorporate that work without letting un-deadlined projects slide? How does anyone not just fill the negative space?

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40. The Work of Games Is Not Just Making Games

We just finished a year-long project, and have a little time to plan our next steps! The work of what happens in-between is just as important as the work of making a new game.

39. Shootin the shoot

Hannah and Evan shoot the shoot about games, being in the weird middle space of a project almost being done, and launching lucrative YouTube careers.

38. How to Compare Roleplaying Games

Hannah and Evan talk about the quest to thrive in the shadows of the world’s most popular RPGs. An episode about how to compare your games to the big ones, for the good.

37. Deluxe Edition

Hannah and Evan discuss the trials and tribulations of offering a “deluxe” version of a game on Kickstarter.

36. Everything Old Is New Again

We sold out of Questlandias, and have decided to revamp it for the next print run! In this episode we talk about returning to our first game.

35. Scopeful Optimism

We talk about what makes a game’s scope big or small, why Q2 has taken so long, and all the projects we’ve made in the meantime.

34. Designing a Game Design Workday

We talk about how we’ve redesigned the structure of our workday, because boundaries around work are important even when—and ESPECIALLY when—it’s work you love.

33. The Games You Want to Make, The Life You Want to Live

We sit down for an unplanned recording of Design Doc when Evan says something sad.

Note: This episode discusses the toll that work can take on physical and mental health.

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32. Burnout

In this episode we talk about completing a project that made us our own worst bosses and what it’s like coming back from burnout.