Sidequest Card Pepper TuppWe made a hard-boiled joke in the last title card, but darn it if Coneman and Tupp don’t eat some eggs this episode as a new dawn rises on Phindar Station.

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Kat Kuhl is a living spell cast by the Urwitch to summon beautiful stories into this world. She possesses the intellect of any three men of genius, a comprehensive knowledge of all things that never were, and eyes of a deeply hypnotic quality that strike fear into the hearts of the wicked.

4 comments on Sidequest: Episode Two

  1. Aviv says:

    “Pine Coneman, you beautiful force of nature–!”

  2. Kane says:

    So, I’ve been re-listening to Campaign lately, and I have to ask: does Tamlin still have the horrific scar on his neck from back when Tryst did the dumbest thing? Because, if that hasn’t been retconned, that’s gotta be worth a bonus to Pepper Tupp’s intimidate checks.

    1. Kat Kuhl says:

      I’m p sure he has that scar. Neck scar + full face tattoo = a pretty intimidating 5 year old.

  3. Alicia says:

    I’m loving this sidequest! Also, I can’t stop imagining Tamlin as Vincent Adultman and it’s making me very happy 🙂

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