Episode 41

Post-Mandalore Bottle Part 2: In which honestly very little happens.

About the Author
Kat Kuhl is a living spell cast by the Urwitch to summon beautiful stories into this world. She possesses the intellect of any three men of genius, a comprehensive knowledge of all things that never were, and eyes of a deeply hypnotic quality that strike fear into the hearts of the wicked.

4 comments on Episode Forty One

  1. Hussman says:

    Best. Promotional. Copy. Ever.

    1. Bluebogle says:

      Hey, it’s Chris Hussey, my favorite Booter! Hi Chris Hussey!

  2. Bluebogle says:

    I love how the rules for the ship meetings are basically a game of Calvinball for psudo-adults.

  3. Otto says:

    So I just had an idea: maybe crew could spend their exp in-game as a part of this after-action/bottle episode thing.

    Just add another step to the debrief called Growth/Room For Improvement/something-better-then-what-I-can-come-up-with were everyone talks about how they feel that they have improved over the latest adventure. As a listener/RPG nerd I would like to know when the characters spend exp and on what. I figure that the lot of you would could have some fun doing character advancement in-character.

    Also, has Tamlin been stated now that Force and Destiny has been released and if yes what is his Career/Specialization?

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