Definitely NOT a secret message

Enter Lyntel! As Tryst gets familiar with the Explore Corps newcomer, Bacta and Leenik get themselves Leeniked even further. Hopefully they thought this one through.


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4 comments on Episode Ten

  1. Rayshaun says:

    I wish you guys would do longer sessions. I can’t wait another week!!!!

    1. bernie says:

      Such a great episode and new PC introduction! Leenik and Bacta remind me of Felix and Oscar from the Odd couple. Tryst is the Uncle my parents were always worried about!

  2. WDAS says:

    Ever since I heard “Nakatomi” in a previous episode, I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop. And ohhhh man, if you guys *don’t* someday do a Life Day episode in Nakatomi Tower…well, actually, I got nothin’, but you better do it anyway!

  3. WDAS says:

    And, oh yeah: the artwork for the characters is just PERFECT. Like, amazingly, just-like-they-appeared-in-my-headingly perfect. Please bring her back to illustrate the cast of the next Campaign (however far down the road that may be)!

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