Fond Farewell to Kat Kuhl

Hello Heroes,

Today we are bidding farewell to one of our founding leaders and most cherished friends. Kat Kuhl will be stepping down from her leadership role at One Shot and start pursuing creative projects independently. We as business partners came to a disagreement about how the business should be run, and decided to move in different directions. We saw this decision as important not only to our careers but the health of our friendship. Ultimately our friendship was most important to both of us.

We support Kat wholeheartedly and want to see her continue to succeed in whatever she chooses to do next. Although we are parting ways professionally, we want to assure everyone that James, Kat, and One Shot are all on good terms. You’ll still hear Kat on one shot shows.

Obviously, with someone as important and influential as Kat leaving the network, there will be concerns over what is happening to projects she was involved with. To put fears to rest and prepare you for changes, we are providing some details below.


Kat was the GM and showrunner for Campaign. Ultimately we feel the current story is hers and it would be wrong to keep the show in its current incarnation without her. For that reason Campaign will be changing, but not immediately.

We currently have several months of recorded for Campaign including the current arc, Evil Campaign, and the Firefly mini-series. Once Kat decided she wanted to leave the company, Campaign was placed on an official hiatus. Starting this week Campaign will return from hiatus and assume a bi-weekly schedule until the end of the current arc. James will be taking over editing and posting duties and Campaign will have the same regularity as One Shot.

We feel the end of the current arc is the most logical stopping point for the official story. This run will also include the end of the current arc of Evil Campaign along with a new arc for the Bluebird crew.

There are Campaign episodes recorded after the end of the current arc. They will be released to the One Shot Network Secret Archive after we reach the end of our current arc. Those episodes will be considered “Nebulous Kanan.”

The Campaign live show at Gencon this year will feature Tryst, Leenik, and Bacta along with some of your favorite side characters. It will be set after the official series end of Campaign and will be part of our fond and almost certainly tearful goodbye to the story.

The Campaign feed will continue after the conclusion of our Star Wars series. We always envisioned Campaign as One Shot’s longform storytelling show. It will continue to be that after Kat’s departure and the end of her story. We are currently in pre-production for a new ongoing game for the Campaign feed. Both John Patrick Coan and Johnny O’Mara have agreed to stay on as players and James will be taking over as GM. We will be releasing more details as we get closer to the launch of our new campaign.

We understand how important Campaign is to our fans. Seeing your investment in the story and characters over the years has been a huge source of joy for us. That game was also important to everyone involved with making it. We hope you understand why we are choosing to end the story, and ask that you join us as we take the campaign concept to a new story.

The Dungeon Dome, A Woman With Hollow Eyes, and The One Shot Podcast

As we said before, Kat is still on good terms with the network. She will continue to work with us on productions in a performer capacity. You can look forward to seeing Mega Starlight Surprise and Kitty Hart in future productions of The Dungeon Dome and A Woman With Hollow Eyes. Kat will also continue to join us a guest on episodes of One Shot.

Working with Kat was an amazing experience for everyone at the network. She has helped build something incredible and we will always admire her for her creativity, compassion, and integrity. We look forward to seeing what she does next. It’s our hope that One Shot Heroes continue to support and celebrate Kat as she moves forward to the next stage of her career.

We will continue to honor Kat’s contributions to our network by producing entertaining shows, celebrating the roleplaying hobby, and working to keep our community accessible and inclusive


James D’Amato and The One Shot Team

About the Author
James D’Amato, the world’s foremost Kobold advocate, moved to Chicago in 2010 to train at Second City and iO in the art of improvisational comedy. He now uses that education to introduce new people to role-playing, and teach die-hard Grognards new tricks.

17 comments on Fond Farewell to Kat Kuhl

  1. Oliver Pawsey says:

    Campaign is one of the best stories I’ve ever listened to, I’m sad that we’re saying goodbye to The Mynock. But I hope whatever Kat does next, that I can consume it with as much dedication as I have with Campaign.

  2. willow says:

    No lie, I’m very sad to see Kat go. Campaign was very important to me and it helped me a lot during some rough times. But everything’s got to end, yeah?

    The good thing about endings though, is that it means new things can begin, and I’m very much looking forward to see what Kat does next. Whatever it is, I’m sure it will be excellent.

    Thanks for these years, Kat. Best of luck!

  3. Justin says:


    Campaign won’t be the same without her. She was a great GM and a perfect straight-woman for “the guys” to play off of. I hope we still hear more from her. It’s hard for me to imagine Campaign without Tamblin and Lyn.

    Kat, if you’re out there. You’ll be missed. We wish you happiness and success. Thanks for all the laughs

  4. Jakob says:

    While I love every single regular performer and nearly all of the guest performers, Kat has always been my favorite. I’m sad to see her go and sad to think of the Mynock Campaign as a story with an end, but I look forward to seeing her as a performer and in any of future projects she may embark on.

  5. luke visocnik says:

    If kat reads any of these comments

    Know you are my favourite voice of one shot, hearing your voice pick up when you get excited by some cute story trope being introduced into one of the games you are playing in or running was infectous and made me smile every single time

    Ive been dealing with really crippling anxiety, depression and isolation for near 5 years now and being cheered up like that really helped, joining in with that infectous geeking out over something cool like tamlin doing some fun detective trope or some anime fun in tenra bansho zero (or however you spell it) was a highlight of a lot of days where i was too stressed out on adrenaline from anxiety to do anything besides listen to podcasts since it was a passive activity

    Ill miss tamlin the cutest character of all time too, ill miss the best trash garbage that was the campaign side tripe since it was all so very you and had all the best familiar story beats, ill miss the sighs and sort of conflicted laughter (because you dont want to encourage them) when one of the boys decides to do something so so stupid or tries to start ANOTHER shopping montage

    Ill miss getting as much of what you brought to stories, the kinds of story beats you enabled and the way you brought serious feels to situations mostly based on silly bits the boys did

    Kat you are the kuhlest wolf and we all know wolves are kuhl

    PS. Can we get that princess story now? I mean….princesses are involved and everyone loves a princess story, and we all want to know about the time lynn was with a princess so we can go and have a cute ship for her because you know……we are all trash and want ships, you can just post it as text all secret like somewhere (but let us know somehow) so the boys never have to know, im also not ashamed of that final pun in any way at all

  6. Lasse Rosenkilde Olsen says:

    Thank you Kat!
    Your work on Campaign was what brought me here. I truly enjoyed campaign, it also kept me going through a lot of days during this for me tough period of my life and quite frankly I cannot thank you enough for the joy you brought to me as a listener, thank you so very much and I hope that your future projects will bring as much joy to people as this has to me.

  7. Marcus Jürgens says:

    The discovery of OneShot changed my way of playing and thinking about games. As much as this is due to the dedication and enthusiasm James brought to the podcast I really loved the fact that this was (initially) the work of two people from both genders bringing diversity to their tables. Having a female GM and player play so brilliantly was a huge inspiration for me and I am sure for a lot of others and made me share a lot of it with other people as an example of best practice.

    Farewell, Kat, and good luck with all of your future endeavors.

  8. Aaron M says:

    This is sad news. ???? I know there must have been a lot of emotional discussion leading up to this, and I’m really happy to hear that she’ll still be appearing on shows, and, most importantly, that no “bridges were burned”.

    One of the reasons I decided to support the One Shot Network Patreon was because of Kat’s unflinching commitment to use her voice to communicate truth for people and communities who are silenced because of the injustices of our culture, or because of who they are, or because of the circumstances of their birth / their caretakers (or lack thereof). Her courage and honesty, and the truth she spoke when she *wasn’t* in character, have inspired me on more than one occasion, and deepened my own commitment to listen more, to extend compassion and share sorrow with the victims of Injustice all around us, and to refuse to submit to or cooperate with oppression, no matter what form it takes.

    Thank you, Kat, for your candor, and for being a voice for so many people around us who must struggle in silence. I know you’ve created more goodness in the world because of your bravery — you’ve certainly made me a better ally.

    I want to subscribe to whatever you do next, so please show up for guest spots on One Shot whenever you can and plug what you’re up to! ????????????????

  9. Captain Cabbage says:

    Thanks for the great shows Kat, be well, safe, happy, and successful.

    I honestly know that you have helped me be a better person by making me aware of more points of view than what I could see from where I planted my fat ass in it’s little rut.

    From Campaign, OneShot, and Never Tell Me the Pods you have given me a view of a world outside my own head, of differing ideas, thoughts, feelings, and opinions, and the value of each of those. This is something I believe EVERYONE in the world needs, every single day.

  10. Faire says:

    Kat you are my personal best GM. The way you interacted with guys was awesome, you have accomplished to maintain just the right amount of balance between silliness and gripping stories, between some serious BtB moments and relief.

    Also, in the process, you have ruined all the other Rpg campaign podcasts for me. I have tried several and found unable to hold to them.

    We owe you much for all the fun and thrill we have had during those years.

    You owe us one thing only – bring in the princess story, and please let it be all juicy and at least a bit Trysty 🙂

    All the best Kate and thanks for all the fish!

  11. Tom Murr says:

    Don’t realy know what to say.
    I will realy miss you, Kat. First I had difficulties to like campaign for what it was, but it grew so much on me.
    Through this podcast I found a beautiful rpg, hours of great fun with the crew of the mynock and the best star wars stories since the thrawn trillogy.
    We never spoke to each other in person (there some kind of big water between us…), but I have the feeling I know you guys and seeing you making this decision hurts. Still fighting the tears after stopping the podcast for this comment.
    Hearing James voice breaking during his intro, shows how much love and friendship is still between you. I hope, you will stay friends for a very long future.

    Thanks Kat and the whole crew for beeing wonderful.

  12. Eric H. says:

    As a relative newcomer to the podcast, I’m still combing my way through the archived recordings. The first Feng Shui episode and subsequent Hanukkah special brought me in as a dedicated listener, in large part due to Kat’s many talents. I’m glad Kat will still have a role with the network and hope that her future endeavors get an appropriate plug here so fans of her work can keep up with her latest creations.

  13. Eric L. says:

    Long time listener, first time writer, and all that. I’ve been a loyal listener since Feng Shui. As a “mostly D&D” “mostly DM” of many years, I’ve found One Shot to be highly educational, not only in terms of different rulesets, but also in terms of different approaches to RPGs.

    In particular, I’ve greatly enjoyed all of Kat’s work on One Shot and I’m always glad to hear her voice, her characters, her ideas, and her scolding “the boys” in Campaign. She deserves every word of praise offered here and more besides.

    Many thanks for Campaign, Kat, and for all of your work on One Shot, and please allow me to join in in looking forward to hearing about what’s next… including the greatly anticipated occasional guest turns on One Shot.

  14. Sabrina says:

    Gosh dang it… this makes me so sad, but I don’t fault anyone involved, of course. You’re all adults making mature decisions and I’m thankful for your candor with us.

    Just know, Kat and James, that I love you both! You’re the two best GMs I’ve ever heard, and you’re both great people as well. Thank for you all that you do for us!

    1. This was hard for us too. We are so glad folks have been understanding.

  15. Entity of the Force a.k.a Leon says:

    It is with the fondest appreciation that I add my farewell to Kat. I am relatively new to the podcast seen in which I adamantly listen to the Campaign podcast, honestly, it’s currently the only podcast I listen to. The crew of the Mynock brought me many hours of laughter, and wonder as they went from scenario to scenario ensuring mischief along the way. It is thanks to Kat and the rest of the Campaign crew that I have started my own campaign with some friends, so as to try and experience that pure bliss that Kat helped bring to my ears. Kat, you are an inspiration and a galactic treasure, don’t ever change and May the Force be with you always in your future adventures.

    James, JPC, and Mr. Leenik Geelo of the Mynock I can’t wait to hear the rest of your adventures on the Mynock and the birth of more heroes that you’ve inspired and set upon the path of galactic heroism.

  16. A-A-Ron C says:

    Wow. I just binge (watched…? Binge-listened?) all of Campaign from episode 1, in the last month. i got to this episode, the one where this was announced, today. Such a shock. But, I hope all of the Mynock crew sees this. Thank you, every single one of you. Kat, I am a huge fan, you have created something from Star Wars that I could really connect to. Star Wars got me through rough times, and this Campaign got me through the hardest months of my life. So thank you. Here’s to hoping to hear more SW campaigns in the future. Love you all.

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