About the Author
James D’Amato, the world’s foremost Kobold advocate, moved to Chicago in 2010 to train at Second City and iO in the art of improvisational comedy. He now uses that education to introduce new people to role-playing, and teach die-hard Grognards new tricks.

186. Monsterhearts 2 Part 2

After Gore and the Electric Necromancers blew him away Chad hopes to get backstage to blow them away. Meanwhile the others investigate the string of mysterious murders that no one in the main cast seems to be talking about.


James and Kat take on the holidays covering: Antarctica, Geek & Sundry, The Election, and surviving pain. Then they roll Knowledge Morality to explore ways to have fun with the classic alignment system. Finally they spend an hour discussing various types of super intelligent rats. These two are winners.

184. MASKS Part 3

Fetch has been captured by a mysterious stranger working with The Poacher. Without her powers she must rely on her wits. Her impulses got her in to this mess, can they also earn her freedom? At what cost?

Meanwhile the others have discovered the location of their missing friend. Will they arrive in time to save her?

183. MASKS Part 2

After thwarting a bank robbery would be teen heroine Fetch (Molly) pressured her friend and partner Snowflake (Noelle) into taking some of the valuables they recovered from the crooks instead of turning them over to the police. Their teammates Bandicoot (Ben) and Tabitha (Lola) have no idea, and if Fetch has her way they never will. Will Snowflake be able to keep her secret?

BONUS: Gencon 2016 Headspace Part 2

James sits down with Mark Richardson and some friends to run character creation for Headspace.

180. Triniton Part 2

After happening upon Cindy Chow, daughter of notorious gangster Fat Chow, our boys have a unique opportunity. It is well know that the Cow crime family has a vast collection of crystals making them one of the most powerful crime families in the city. With some clever social maneuvering Vincent Tralinitne and his friends can get a crystal the libertarian way: by taking it.

BONUS: Gencon 2016 Headspace Part 1

James sits down with Mark Richardson and some friends to run character creation for Headspace.

179. Triniton Part 1

In a distant time, on a distant planet, on a small Island called Arbes the mighty Capital enjoys the benefits of a libertarian paradise. The only limit any being knows is the power of market forces. It is here that three men come before the ruling faction in order to propose an unprecedented idea: a public concert.

178. Exalted Part 3

Mal and his companions have discovered the terrible truth about Wellspring. Now they are faced with the difficult decision of how to proceed. Even for the Exalted of the sun caste the prospect of punishing a god is no easy task.

177. Exalted Part 2

Mal (James D’Amato), Li (Jim MCclure), and Chul Quitl (Rob Stith) have discovered that the river has stopped flowing because its god is in deep emotional turmoil after his favored priest disappeared. Tho resolve this situation they must discover why the priest left his place at his deities side.