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James D’Amato, the world’s foremost Kobold advocate, moved to Chicago in 2010 to train at Second City and iO in the art of improvisational comedy. He now uses that education to introduce new people to role-playing, and teach die-hard Grognards new tricks.

205. Firelight

Our sponsor for this week, Hobby Horse Games gives us a preview of their storytelling game, Firelight. Four seemingly completely unqualified adventurers are hired to prevent a terrorist from bombing an airship. Also, we introduce the greatest NPC ever, Lady Skull-Face.

204. Cthulhu Dark Part 2

The employees of Chum Buffet Cds, Tapes have largely forgotten about their interaction with the man who brought in the mysterious dark record. However, the world has not forgotten that they have it. Will our slacker employees investigate the record and its purpose? Or will they tread water until the world ends?

203. Cthulhu Dark

In 1999 Chicago is home to many eclectic shops and locations. Businesses that are so specific, or poorly run, that only the hippest of the hip can stand dealing with them. “The Chumb Buffet CDs, Tapes” is one such business, run by hapless underachievers, and patronised by misfits.

Crazy Partiers 3 Part 3

Inwe, Remy, Aldove, and Cobb face their greatest fears and anxieties in the trials of the dreaded Pig Witch. We also finally see the awesome strength of the Unbound system.



Warda Episode 3 7:30 PM CT 5/30
Marrying Mr. Darcy 8:00 PM CT 5/31

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201. Crazy Partiers 3 Part 2

To get to the bottom of Inwe’s unauthorised house clearing party invites, the Partiers head to a local printer to examine the invitations. Tensions rise as the group confronts just how lost they are without one another.

200. Crazy Partiers 3 Part 1

After years apart, with lives spiralling apart, The Crazy Partiers return once more for a very important quest. Clearing out the basement of Inwe’s new wizard tower. However, this happy reunion is not all that it appears.

199. Torg Eternity Part 4

All that stands between our Storm Knights and rescuing their comrades is an army of police, cyber papacy drones, and a massive holographic angel with a flaming sword. It actually doesn’t seem so insignificant when I lay it all out there. Well, let’s hope they don’t all unexpectedly die!

198. Torg Eternity Part 3

The storm Knights go on a wild chase through the domain of the dreaded Cyber Pope. What should be a simple task grows drastically out of control as ill-timed failed rolls compound. Will our knights make it to their safe house in time, or will the game take a drastic turn?

197. Torg Eternity Part 2

After a slightly rocky demon-summoning start to their covert search and rescue mission, our Storm Knights head further into the domain of The Cyber Pope to gather information and allies.

196. Torg Eternity Part 1

James hosts Eric Simon and some friends to preview Torg Eternity which will be up on Kickstarter soon. After earth has been invaded by a host of hostile dimensions a braves group of heroes has banded together across timelines and realities to defend humanity: The Storm Knights. Thier resistance to extradimensional influence is small yet determined.