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James D’Amato, the world’s foremost Kobold advocate, moved to Chicago in 2010 to train at Second City and iO in the art of improvisational comedy. He now uses that education to introduce new people to role-playing, and teach die-hard Grognards new tricks.

215. Feng Shui 3 Part 3

Jacke, Shaq, Action Angel La La, Tommy Euphrates, and Jerry prepare to take on Sett Ra and The Monstarrs in a Basketball game for the fate of the universe. This was a very fun sentence to write.

214. Feng Shui: The Legend of Shaq Fu Part 2

Our heroes have been transported to the second world by The God of Basketball to compete in a tournament. Shaq is here to settle a score with Sett Ra, but Jackie’s old nemesis Lord Cobra is competing too. In order to prevent their foes from gaining control over the mortal world Shaq, Jackie, Angela, Tommy, and Jerry have to pass the first round and that means facing the Eunic’s clay warriors on the court.

213. Feng Shui: The Legend of Shaq Fu Part 1

Inspector Jackie has taken his uncle’s position as chief of the Hong Kong Special Police. It is a golden age of law enforcement in Hong Kong, as triads, pirate kings, and Kung Fu Vampire cults are all on the decline.

212. The Compass Cats: A Mysterious Warrior Appears, Starlight Surprise is the Pale Moon Princess!? Part 2

Just as she was about to leave to spy on the mysterious devil “Dungeon” Starlight was attacked by a horrible monster who claims to be a hell born assassin. Luckily the Compass Cats sensed she was in danger and ran to join the fight. Unfortunately, her would-be protectors don’t trust her! Will Starlight be able to fend off her attacker without revealing her secret identity to the compass Cats? Is there something going on between Bishop Bicep and Curly Joe?

211. The Compass Cats: A Mysterious Warrior Appears, Starlight Surprise is the Pale Moon Princess!?

Immediately after Small Benjamin’s trying Hell in a Cell match Percival the Unwavering enters the arena to bring his brother an urgent mission from Queen Felicia herself. It is a task so gravely important only The Compass Cats can be trusted with it: they must watch over The Pale Moon Princess on her rumspringa. A concept that we can assure you have very different meaning in the vampire capital of Arimore.

210. World Wide Westling Part 3

A simple contract in a box match at The Brown Center for the Performing arts has turned into the battle of the century. God the creator of the universe and their tag team partner Mike Jones will take on Satan and Men Latifa, and Cool Dad and his kids in a three-way buried alive tag team match for the right to take a shot at the title. This is the fight that was foretold when Lucifer was struck down from heaven! Also, a very Cool Dad is there!

209. World Wide Wrestling Part 2

This week we ring the bell and bring you the first match in our NERP exhibition at the Brown Center for the Performing arts in Providence. THis first match is a stunner the everyone’s favorite veteran wrestler Cool Dad vs constantly defeated newcomer, Bob! Will Bob pull an upset or is Cool dad going to ground him?

208. World Wide Wrestling Part 1

We sit down with game designer Nathan Paoletta to play his game World Wide Wrestling. To do that we invited wrestling superfan Jim “The Antagonist” McClure, wrestling convert Ali Barthwell, and real-life professional wrestlers Colt Cabana and Jack Moody on to the show.

207. Damn The Man Save The Music Part 2

With Seal ready to sign albums for fans, $2000 missing from the books, and one employee out of her mind on E Revolution records is in a heap of trouble. If our sibling employees are able to see each other’s merits and work together there is still a chance to save the store. Or I guess everyone could double down on a lack of empathy and let the world burn. EITHER IS GOOD.







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JW Marriott
Trevi-Marzio Room


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206. Damn The Man Save The Music Part 1

Revolution Records has been circling the drain for almost a decade. It’s the weakest link in a chain of family businesses in western Chicago. Under new management by the youngest daughter, there is a small glimmer of hope. She has managed to keep the somewhat incompetent employees focused enough for the store to limp towards an event sure to bring in new customers. Seal will be signing his latest album Seal 3 this afternoon. If it goes well, everything might be okay.