154. Bert Featherwell: The Axe of Fire

Welcome, Junior Wizards! This week, Jeff and Aaron dive deep below the surface of Fantasy to discover the legend of The Axe of Fire!


Join us as we start with the creation of a bar, and end with the telling of a legend!

153. The Society Arcana: Demonology

Welcome, Junior Wizards!

This week, let’s take some time to talk about Demons in Fantasy.

Join as we decide what lies within The Nightmare Space, what defines a “Demon”, and what it means to become one.

152. Windburg Kensington: Yellow Bug

Welcome, Junior Wizards!

This week, join us as we unravel the tale of the mythical creature known only as Yellow Bug, the Demon of Kensington Drive!

Fantasy has such a lovely mythology don’t you think?


Odd Jobs: An Oracle of Undertaking by Abe Mendes

Content Warning: Insect Descriptions

151. Biff Boffo: Three-ring Circus of Misery

Welcome, Junior Wizards!

This week, for the week of Aaron’s Birthday, which is International Clown Week, and the day of this episode’s release was in fact, Clown Day, why not dive deep into The Circus of Misery?

Lets meet Biff Boffo, the spy that blessed us with the information about the legendary three ring circus of Fantasy.


Happy Clown Day!

150. Moon Crescent’s Origins: Moonfall

Welcome, Junior Wizards!

This week, we are finally going to discover how the region of Moon Crescent began!

We also use the brilliant Session Zero by Meghan Cross to solidify details about Elvan culture!

Session Zero by Meghan Cross

History Lesson: The Age of The Five-Jeweled Crown

Welcome, Junior Wizards!

Ever want a complete summary of the events that surround The Five-Jeweled Crown? Us too!

We want listeners old and new to have a quick, concise, and condensed version of this history-packed era in Fantasy’s history!


149. Lady Violet Strongwood: Sending

Welcome, Junior Wizard! This week, Jeff and Aaron are joined by the incredible Alex Flanigan!

Together, the three will create a magical tea shop, a small town, and Lady Violet Strongwood.

Are you familiar with the phrase “This is sending me”, Jr Wizard? Because after today, you will know just what leaves do the trick.


Episode Notes

AMFC’s 4th Birthday Q&A Spectacular

Welcome, Junior Wizards!

Jeff and Aaron have been telling stories and creating Fantasy for 4 years if you can believe it. Why, it almost seems like yesterday that Samuel Gourd exploded onto the tabletop scene.


If you’re reading this because of the comments made during the episode about people never reading the episode summary, then this sentence is for you. Yeah, this is Aaron, and he is calling you out! Do you usually read the episode summary? If you say yes, I both love you and don’t believe you. If you say no, well, I totally understand, I really do. Do I care? Absolutely not. I’m fine. I’m fine. Enjoy the episode.

148. Cha Cha Kenicke: Greased Lightning

Welcome, Junior Wizards!

This week, we continue the beloved AMFC tradition of creating a potion, deciding how it works, and discovering how big business ruins everything!

Remember the musical “Sludge”? Wasn’t it wonderful? What if you could relive all that magic all over again? Well now you can!

147. Runara Sandbar: The Bastion

Welcome, Junior Wizards!

This week, Jeff and Aaron play “Union” by Ben Robbins to tell the story of 3 generations of heroes!

Runara Sandbar’s family has been protecting The Coastal Rift from elemental forces for centuries. Let’s find out how the legendary armor known as The Bastion was passed down to her.


Union by Ben Robbins