A fancy boy band date devolves into a food fight.

A fancy boy band date devolves into a food fight.

Mel Fox (@melerella) is this week’s GM and the host of the upcoming Get Hype podcast.

Madison Ray (@maddiekayray) plays Rachel and can be found on the upcoming Tales from Thedas podcast, and editing Never Tell Me the Pods.

Riley Hopkins (@revryebread) plays Cassie and can be found hosting Alien Happy Hour and moderating the OneShot Discord.

James D’Amato (@OneShotRPG) plays Marco and is the co-founder and co-owner of the OneShot Podcast Network.

Paulomi Pratap (@PaulomiSP) plays Jake and is the editor-in-chief of Never Tell Me the Blogs.

Pranks Paul (@roguetldr) plays Ax and is the host of ADVENTURE and Never Tell Me the Pods.

Special thanks to Brandon Michael Lowden (@BookMusicLyrics) for writing the Animorphs theme song! Check his work out at http://bookmusiclyrics.com/

About the Author
Pranks Paul is a dual-classed Rogue/Bard; a certified and certifiable lawyer. He can be found on Twitter @roguetldr. Warning: puns.

4 comments on Animorphs 4 – Feeding Frenzy

  1. Jikraimes says:

    Oh man … did Melissa die in the bathroom?

  2. Alex says:

    So was Melissa still in the bathroom fixing her makeup when the building exploded?

    1. Nah, We got her out of there, I might have been accidentally cut.

      1. Pranks says:

        James is right. I think it got cut for some reason, but I remember us discussing it.

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