This week, ADVENTURE tackles heroes in a half shell who are green.

Ross cannot be found doing anything, anywhere. (Except on Twitter, at @rosster.)

Johnny (@JohnnyInBriefs) can be found at various places on the OneShot Network including Campaign, and also is a host on Never Tell Me the Pods. Johnny also hosts the podcast Dilettante Ball.

This week, our special guest is Nick Lang, of Team Starkid productions! He can be found on Twitter at NickLangTweets.

Pranks is the main host of Never Tell Me the Pods and can be found on Twitter at @roguetldr. 

About the Author
Pranks Paul is a dual-classed Rogue/Bard; a certified and certifiable lawyer. He can be found on Twitter @roguetldr. Warning: puns.

3 comments on ​TMNT 1 – A Turtle Cat-astrophe

  1. Dbronze says:

    For someone who loves puns as much as Pranks I’m shocked that he didn’t have Kat here to play April in her cat form. Missed opportunity if ya ask me. All that being said, once again fantastic episode! Highlight was definietly the sidebar on the absurdity turtle vehicles. Like where do they get the money for these insane contraptions? It can’t be more than their pizza budget, which I imagine is their main expenditure. These are the important topics that Adventure addresses, and why I love the show. Keep up the great work!

  2. Pranks says:

    Thanks for the kind words! If I had my way, Kat, James and Johnny would be on every episode every week. Unfortunately, they have other commitments and lead full external lives. Which is a real bummer from my perspective.

  3. CaptnPants says:

    Loved this episode! Although I was hoping you were going to use the old Palladium TMNT RPG from the 80’s for this one, it’s full of totally bonkers stuff.

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